Thurloe Place – The 12 Responses to Tragedy

Across the road from the V&A , positioned at the junction of Cromwell Gardens, Thurloe Place and Thurloe Square is the Yalta Memorial Garden, a small triangle of grass and concrete. Sited here is a memorial to the people forcibly repatriated to Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union as a result of the Yalta Conference  held at the conclusion of WWII. An original and totally different memorial in the form of a fountain, by Angela Conner was approved by Margaret Thatcher (but objected to by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Soviet Government). It had been dedicated in 1982 but was repeatedly vandalised and was replaced by the current memorial in 1986. The memorial, also by British artist Angela Conner is called “The 12 Responses to Tragedy” and consists of 12 bronze busts of men, women and children set on a stone base.


Twelve Faces of Tragedy - London Stone and Metal


The inscription below the 12 Faces of Tragedy (LR)The 12 Faces of Tragedy

The memorial’s inscription was approved personally by Margaret Thatcher whilst she was Prime Minister. It is now considered a war memorial by many.



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