Trafalgar Square – Hahn/Cock

Raiding my old photos I came across this beauty. Hahn/Cock was a sculpture of a giant blue cockerel made by the German artist Katharina Fritsch (B.1956 in Essen) who is currently Professor of Sculpture at Kunstakademie Dusseldorf.

2014-02-01 13.27.24.jpg

The statue is intended to be a humorous counterbalance, contrasting with the very formal statues of horses on the square’s other three plinths . It was unveiled in Trafalgar Square on 25 July 2013 by Mayor of London, Boris Johnson who pointed out the irony that the cockerel, an unofficial national emblem of France, was standing in a square commemorating a famous British victory over the French! It was displayed on the famous vacant fourth plinth. The work, made of fibreglass stood over 15 feet tall and was the sixth work to be displayed on the plinth. It remained until 17 February 2015 and was subsequently acquired by Glenstone, a private museum, and exhibited at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.


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