Paternoster Square – “Angel’s Wings”

In 2002 this stainless steel sculpture by Thomas Heatherwick was installed in Paternoster Square in the City of London. The sculpture is actually a ventilator for an underground electrical substation.


Paternoster Vents a.k.a Angel’s Wings

The makers of the vents, the Heatherwick Studio, say that “the aesthetic design is derived from experiments with folded paper, scaled up to 11m in height; the vents retain the proportions of the A4-size paper used in these experiments. The Vents are fabricated from 63 identical, 8mm thick, stainless steel isosceles triangles welded together and finished by glass bead blasting”.

2015-10-06 12.49.46.jpg

Heatherwick (B.1970) uses a team of 180 designers and architects. His studio’s major projects include the new Routemaster London bus and the proposed Garden Bridge.


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