New Palace Yard – Silver Jubilee fountain

On a recent visit to the Palace of Westminster  for a dinner (as you do!) I was able to get relatively close to an area not easily accessible to the general public. Therein sits the Silver Jubilee Fountain. I was unable to get any closer for fear of being shot by the armed Police on duty.IMG_0012.jpg

The revolving (although there was no evidence of this) 26ft high fountain sculpture which was commissioned  in 1977 by Parliament and funded by private donations from MPs, consists of “6 Commonwealth Beasts surmounted by a gilt crown”. It is made of galvanised steel, painted black, with a series of animals representing Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Antarctica. Funded by private donations from MPs and unveiled by the Queen. The metalwork was made by the Polish sculptor Walenty Pytel who based in the uk, is renowned as Europe’s leading metal sculptor of birds and beasts. Much of his other work is visible in Herefordshire, Birmingham and Staffordshire.

Additionally, in 2005 Pytel was commissioned to create four huge steel eagles for Portuguese Football Club Benfica, which would be displayed in each corner of their stadium, Estadio da Luz.



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