Paddington – Message from the Unseen World

Alan Turing, best known for breaking the Enigma code in WW2, was born in Paddington and is here celebrated by this installation on the walkway under Bishopsbridge Road. The piece which spans the width of the bridge, was curated by Futurecity and devised by United Visual Artists (“UVA”), in collaboration with Hackney-based poet Nick Drake.


The installation is made up of aluminium panels which are perforated by holes and LEDs. These display extracts from Turing’s ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’ in patterns based on Baudot code. As the LEDs light up they reveal words and verses from Drake’s poem, with the display controlled by an algorithm which experiments with different combinations of letters and words.


Matt Clark of UVA conceived a living artwork with a poem as the centrepiece. He had asked Nick Drake to write the verse which depicts Turing speaking posthumously about his life.


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