Butler’s Wharf -“Exotic Cargo”

This lovely sculpture called “Exotic Cargo” has  been created from a pink granite glacial boulder.


The sculpture, created by Peter Randall-Page represents an exotic fruit that has been sliced open to show the seeds within and symbolically embodies the history of St Saviour’s Dock and Butler’s Wharf. It was executed in 1995-1996 and unveiled on March 1, 1996 on the quay fronting the Butler’s Wharf Building. Peter Randall-Page was born in the UK in 1954 and studied sculpture at Bath Academy of Art from 1973-1977. His own website quotes him as saying “His practice has always been informed and inspired by the study of natural phenomena and its subjective impact on our emotions. In recent years his work has become increasingly concerned with the underlying principles determining growth and the forms it produces. In his words “geometry is the theme on which nature plays her infinite variations, and can be seen as a kind of pattern book on which the most complex and sophisticated structures are based.”

It is well worth a look at the artist’s comprehensive website.



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