Paddington Basin – “Lock, Level, Line”

In a rather gloomy part of the Edgware Road end of Paddington Basin, in West End Quay, there resides a sculpture consisting of four towers made from stacked corten (weathering) steel and layered glass, called “Lock, Level, Line”. 


The sculpture was made by Danny Lane in 2003 and arrived at the site by barge. It is meant to represent the changing levels of water in the lock. Danny Lane  who trained as a painter, was born in 1955 and has worked in London since the 1980s. His own website quotes him as saying “Lane came to Britain in 1975 to study with Patrick Reyntiens, who, with John Piper, was responsible for the post-war renaissance in British stained glass. Danny then went on to study painting at the Byam Shaw and the Central School of Art. At Central, he was taught by the visionary painter, poet and philosopher, Cecil Collins. Collins, who like David Jones and William Blake, was part of an English mystical and romantic tradition, remains an important inspiration.”



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