More London Estates – “Evergreen”

As one walks from Tooley Street, through More London Riverside towards City Hall on the Thames riverside, the unusual sculpture called “Evergreen” comes into view.


David Batchelor’s work is a figurative, life-size, bright green fluorescent light sculpture of a tree made from acrylic and steel.  The work is placed among the formal tree planting of the development. More London Estates website says “Evergreen remains a permanently illuminated, never changing its dynamic spring green colour at the top of its highly polished stainless steel trunk, that complements the surrounding glass and steel architecture of the More London buildings.”


David Batchelor (B.1955) studied Fine Art at Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham (1975–8), and Cultural Theory at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, Birmingham University (1978–80). Batchelor takes industrial debris – trolleys, shelving units, factory scrap – and transforms them into frames to hold assemblages of neon, perspex and found shopfront signs


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