Soho Square – “Slithery Ways”

This very rusty sculpture sits forlornly on a scruffy patch of grass in Soho Square, just off Oxford Street. At lunchtimes it is surrounded by hordes of office workers eating their sandwiches.


The sculpture, by Dutch sculptor Pieter Obels is called “Slithery Ways”. It is one of a number of similar pieces by the artist. The City of Westminster website says ” ‘Slithery Ways’ uses Corten steel as the primary medium, and its heavy, rigid and industrial nature reacts with the natural surroundings to create a dramatic contrast against Westminster’s architecture. Indeed, the sculpture continually appears to change depending on the viewer’s angle of perspective.” (If you say so!). It was installed in July 2016 as part of the City of Sculpture programme.


Pieter Obels currently lives and works in Tilburg, the Netherlands. His sculptures have featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions such as the Solo Project at Basel Art Fair, Switzerland (2015), the Swiss Triennial Festival of Sculpture (2015), and the Gunzburg Sculpture Park, Germany (2013).



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