Fitzroy Place – “The One and the Many”

With a number of smart new office and residential blocks being put up in Fitzrovia, Fitzroy Place has been created. This new space deserved some impressive public art and “The One and the Many” by Peter Randall-Page was installed there in 2015.



Personally speaking, I think that this is one of the most interesting sculptures erected in London in recent years. It is made of a naturally eroded glacial boulder and uses text and calligraphy as texture. The boulder is a Fuerstenstein granite boulder from Kusser Granite in Germany from their quarry in the Bavarian Forest. The dimensions are 350 x 200 x 200 cm and weigh 24 tonnes.

The entire surface of the stone is covered with a pattern consisting of as many of the worlds written scripts as possible from the cuneiform writing of ancient Mesopotamia to ‘text talk’, the idea being to represent the numerous communities of people who, historically have lived and worked in this “melting pot” part of London.




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