Tower Hill – History of London Transport Sundial


I arrived at this sculpture at about 4pm on a freezing cold, windswept weekday afternoon in January anticipating that it would be sited rather grandly atop the Tube station entrance, however on that particular day it was surrounded by plastic bollards and fencing which rather distracted from its’ intended impact.

The 3.7m high bronze sculpture is by Edwin Russell and Lorne McKean and was installed in 1990. As well as telling the time, the circle of the dial tells the history of London and London transport. It runs from the Roman city of Londinium in AD 43 right through to the building of the Thames Barrier between 1975 and 1982. If you look carefully, there’s  a carved Margaret Thatcher with a handbag, set between the Peasants’ Revolt and the Black Death!! (Sorry, no photo!)


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